Misgivings and regrets 

Textured light colors the room darkly

Unsettled dust lingers over fine hopes; dancing unrepentantly

Door, locked and forgotten, fears the ax left in hands unforgiving

And I graciously accept the mantle of candle waxed crowns by names long forgotten; misgivings and regrets

All so the mouse can claim the lion and the bat the role of the cat

So this is life…

{written to this song: http://youtu.be/qedWRMoTvMs}

The space says to share my story, but what story is there to share. I have begun to see the truth of things. Magic and wonder exist for the young. Delight and passion for the youthful heart. The very old have suffered through. The wealthy purchase joy. And we, middle bound and gagged, suffer the realization there is little to hope for. No magic. No delight. Only one breath after another in an endless pursuit to maintain that breath. 

So what of my story? It is like every other sad affair gone unwritten. A candle tossed. A fragrance forgotten. I was born. I have lived. And one day, I will die. 

And this is life. 

Stories end…

gives short comfort
strain of note and drum
in familiar tunes
casts shadow over distant joy
memory embracing unknowns
now mysteries never to be discovered.
it’s cover worn
it’s pages browned
last word unwritten
and pen empty
live? love? flee? found?
the ‘morrow I’ll never know.
and I feel the fool to mourn
the story’s end
but mourn I do nonetheless.

Old Journal Entries

Pages of past musings

flutter by, dusted with age

old posts long since

devoid of inhabitants

speaking out the emptiness

a tale retold.

Days drift without visiting

I, passing quietly,

reflect distracted on the weather

momentary minutes of

an every day.

But still it sits there


for ink to color the rest of its

blatantly empty pages.

That when finally I scale its walls

enter into its domain

all I can write is

Here I am again.

Entering a poetry contest

Good morning lovely bloggers and blog aficionados.  I am preparing to submit work into a poetry contest and would greatly appreciate your help. 

Out of the poems you have read here on saying it anyway, what poem has struck you the deepest or has compelled you or moved you in some significant way? 

Of course, I have my own favorites, but would be most grateful for your input and suggestions. 

Most sincerely,

Blu :)

… with intent.


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