see me, see you

Blind as the majority may be
I see you as you see me
beyond the headlines of obscurity
left to dwindle down the page
hiding in the chaos of everyday
where you see me and I see you.

Life plucked out
from momentary suspicion
innocently motivated
but nonetheless built
in submission
stand I
against you, against me
to see what others
blindly leave behind
in newspapers rotting
along the side of the road.

Conspiracy manipulates truth
deviates enigma of revelation
hiding in the lines of a minor character’s tale…
this is where I will prevail.
So read this and play for me
the tune I know you hear
for it is you who should hold fear.

Voices will not be quiet
along the hallways dim with
in this people’s sea
because I see you
as you see me.

And we are not afraid.

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