Blind Reason

Motivated by sympathy
orchestrated by fear
out of reach
like pealing a peach
the media holds hands
with the devil.
Let me get my shovel
for all the shit
smothering and damp
thrown out into the world
by clamoring salmon
discrimination is written
and so it should be
as we see
not as it was intended
or was it?
mix into a glass of
almost got it
and left behind
on a bus to nowhere
on a bridge to anywhere
get me out of here!
There is
to much blind

to the negation
taxation with
no representation
not you
only me
Why not seek civility?
Be you and be me
not us against them
count your friends
1 to 10
million waging a war
fighting for more
It’s crazy, when freedom
should ring
it only fizzles
in rain drops and drizzle
for the haves.
Was it not womens voices
standing in traffic violations
beaten and thown in chains
that brought out the bell
with determination?
Why can’t we,
like them
honor our dead
and lay out our cause
at the feet
of invisible motorcades
and escapades of political
so the blindness
can be removed
and you and I be moved
to peaceful affections.

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