I spit it

I spit it
trip it
wrap it in words
to be heard.
my lyrical
of voices
inside my head
begging for life,
instead dead
at accusation
peaceful confrontation
140 character

I spit it
kick it
paper thru rhyme
laid out in lines
of thought
spewed out
not taught
to teach not preach
my intentions
my rage against
this political
and theological
they place me in.

I spit it
kiss it
make love
and try not to miss it.
feelings rising
boisterous and chaotic
like Poe on acid
and Walton choking
on plastic,
mixing my disease
with your political relief
or so you would have it.
separate and distort

my retort?

I spit it
piss it
try to enlist it.
the blood in me
White, Irish, Italian
and Cherokee.
I bleed to see my oppressor
a fine imitated successor
first black
then gender base
denying life, liberty
and pursuit of…
but wait
it’s all still hate!

I spit it
hit it
slam my words
against walls
like grenades
in succession,
I take out my pen
and orchestrate
against oppression.
in common words
Like Thomas Paine,
Just try to be heard.

and it’s
not that I don’t understand
your position
your egotistical
maniacal transitions
from what you know
to who you blow.
I get your opposition
to me
whilst you drink
wine forcefully
with hostility
and define my reality

But this is not chosen freely.
I have to be

I spit it
seize it
with opportunity
I breathe it,
trying not to
on the tsunami
of anger
in an effort
to not regurgitate
the same message
of equality,
but it is
the only thing
I see,
different between
you and me,
In this land
of the
supposedly free.

So I spit it
trip it
wrap it up in words
to be heard
my lyrical
singular evolution of
voices inside my head
begging for life
avoiding death.

22 thoughts on “I spit it”

  1. I absolutely love how this is so rap, but so poetic, holding a strong message which, oddly, is soothing to the ear.
    It makes me puke in a good way.
    I mean it unsettles my stomach, but since it haves something powerful to say, I’m very OK with it.
    Nice work.

  2. I love poetry like this… the rhyme and the meter combine in a way that makes it so much more accessible, like a rap song or spoken word… in fact, my foot was tapping a bit as I read… Excellent work!

  3. Yes!…and when I read it I fought to turn down the volume of the passionate spoken word poet within my own head, he was yelling, but my roommate is trying to sleep.
    Do the world a favor and find your soap box please 🙂

  4. j. d. f.
    i loved it. n ur words inspired me to write a rap lyric to a dnb song that i was waiting to write for a looong looong time.

    anyway. i’ll reach u when its done

    thx for the inspiration.

  5. I love the repetition here. I’m guessing it sounds amazing live, perhaps with a well-chosen rhythm. Thanks for visiting my blog.

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