What is there to say of a life

What is there to say of a life; though in cruel attention
and blind ambition, some give darkness to its name
Leaving all words to falter and fall like autumns sting
and winters bitter whip of chill?

What is there to say of a life; though brilliant it may shine
and succor visions of lovers, some give light to its nature
leaving lines to lift like springs ageless struggle
and summers undaunted care?

What to say when pen to paper a life is fit to be written; both of triumph and fault
it is a poets strain and struggle, to give justice to it all
for who is the writer but a visionary, uncleanzed of opinion
unbiased as the moon to the stars.

Yet in consideration, pondered thoughts and adoration one discovers
the writer is the poem
and words breathe life by the life you have lived:
struggles and triumphs a treasure you began with first a thought;

So, what is there to say of a life?
there is much and yet so little, to sum up sun, moon and stars
but brilliant our world is, with you, and brilliant not, without.

Verbal Mission (in progress)

don’t deviate
from the motion
of breathe
beat and batllions
of thought
and characterized
by the supplication of
planning out
their mission
to inspire
set fire
to the world
as you see it.

(more coming)

Unexpected Surprises – Letter to a Lurker!

Just a warm thank you to one of my fav blogging ‘lurkers’ as she calls herself for bestowing upon me the Best Blogger Award.  Though like her, I am not sure I am the best at much, but I do like to keep everyone up todate on the news I think is important or needs action on, and when I feel the poetic muse I spit it! 🙂

But I just want to say to Shelli – thank you.  Thank you for taking the time to read what I write, to comment when you feel compelled and for noticing something in my writing that inspires you to keep coming back!

Blog on! 🙂