Method of my madness

(Authors note:  this :: means using an action like ::walking:: or ::shaking head::)

The method of my madness has been quite mad, posting non-confrontational on the ‘book and trying to remain off the hook of salacious and malicious commentary only to find myself frustrated, and inebriated on a lust to scream. Yes a lust, a craving, a deep desire from the very inner workings of my soul, to lift of my laptop, pull it to my face and scream – ::screaming:: so you will hear me.

You, the every you, the you on my list and you in the grips of commenting on a life  you have no reason to care about but are caring about in a way that says heel meet their faces, carry them off to the nether places and let them dance with the devil I see in them… you the voter you, who feel the sanctity of your life is worth more than mine. That your deity is more divine and decidedly worthier than the deities I give honor too – so you

set forth rules in the image of your creation. You, make more righteous your words, in the comfort of your own images,… and you, suffer not the stigmata of your afflictions instead you send my heart to suffer and rot in utter frustration at my clamoring to honor my words of ’till death do us part – uttered in the dark, because of laws that firmly state if seen I should be fined, jailed… arrested. Yes. In this state, of being, this east coast living with the free. I. Am. Not.

So the method of my madness is quite mad and the words I have stored up in my head… the let me not get to loud, let me not be to proud, let me not rock the boat and hope this life continues to float madness of words are not working.

I just want to be free. be me. To set a table and share my hard work with the love I have fallen for, the creature so divinely inspired and made so perfectly for me. To honor, cherish, provide for and be provided for… without persecution and fear that any minute your whim or the law will take it all away….   ::hands in my head:: Don’t you get it!?   ::whispering:: this is my madness.  Mad to be free, me with her, for us. ::walking off stage:: free.


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