Be. Exactly. You.
Live spiritually, however you define it.
Walk with Compassion, not blindly devoted.
Speak your truth, defined by your own soul.
Do not let others dictate your path,
they don’t have to walk it – you do.
Do not let others diminish your task,
they don’t have to suffer the sacrifice – you do.
Be. Exactly. You.
Define yourself. Change always towards a growing you.
Rise up and meet the stars as if they were your own
because the constellations and conclusions are yours to draw.
Give a hand when a hand is needed.
But do not let a heel, strain upon your neck.
Find your strength, and live it.
be it words, or hands, or deeds.
And when your voice is given
let your hands follow through to the task.
Never let fear steal the lesson
and never lessen your self for fear.
This is my philosophy.
Be. Exactly. You.


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