Off the Cuff: Father are you listening

Father are you listening
your image casts a shadow on my heart
I see your shape
I smell your cologne
I hear your jolly laughter
wafting down the halls of my soul
and yet, the color of you fades
desperately need to keep you
desperately need to hear you
need your words
your sound advise
resonating over the wire
if only heaven had a phone
if only
my silent tears
from the smile I present
could dial up
the man who
is my
are you listening
do you see me
do you still sense your daughter near
to you hear me calling
through the halls of the Divine
and do you know
chaos has taken refuge
has moved in down the street
has made a mockery of me
in my struggle to
remember all your words in the tones
and punctuations of

are you listening
are your speaking
because the echo of your life
is just an echo of who I want to be
and I can’t find fill the shape
with any part of me
I miss your kind words
the power
of your catching my back when
I want to slump down at the
moments of not good enough
you always
had …
are you



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