Respect – my own definition.

Respect: To hold in esteem – for reason of power, skill, or endeavor.  We as children are taught to respect our elders, those in authority, those in power…. we are are never taught respect goes both ways and should be mutual.

Respect is not just for a title, it is not just because you have age, it is not just because you wear a badge or because you have gotten the top position… you cannot demand it for these reasons.  Respect is a gift.  It is given and it is received.  If you take the gift and throw it in someone’s face but still expect them to respect you, there is a problem.  If you likewise, continue to give respect to someone who is consistently trampling on it, there is a problem.

Respect is mutual – it is a treasure.  You can’t pay it lip-service and expect it to remain in your favor.  You can’t speak about it but then ask for it, not give it.  And just because make more than, have a fancy title, and wear fancy clothes doesn’t mean you have the right to demand respect and give none.  Likewise, if you don’t respect yourself enough to know when this is happening and say no, you are giving that person power they don’t deserve.

You are beautiful. You are smart.  You are intelligent.

If they don’t get it – then they shouldn’t have you.  Think about it.


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