Started it {the lighter side of spit}

(Not my favorite, but I wanted to keep it here anyway. The sentiment is something I am working on – expect edits)

I started it
wrote it out
wrote it down
sat on it
and divided it.
I mixed it
broke bread and
ate it… now
it has become more
than the recipe had
called for
the fish have multiplied
the bread is burning in
the oven
my mits are too small
my mind is categorically
unprepared for it
here it is…
meted out in
meter and
with the exactness of
fused tenacity
peppered with
salted with
and spiced
with the right
bit of “get the hell
off my porch cuz
I got a shotgun of
truth pointed right at you”
to be dangerously
near perfect…
the makings of a word smith
simmering bits of a
::pausing as if in thought::
Um excuse me?!
What are you waiting for??
Dig in
to life and
deliver it
this is no time to
order in
get your paper
get your pen
and if you have no paper
write it in your skin.
You know what it is
you know what you are
keep your feet planted
and reach for the stars
exploding in the realm
of anything is possible because
you are speaking it
… get it?
Now I have to get back
cuz my biscuits are
::speak peace and cook on::

A more glorious day

Bright is the sun
finding its way
into the room
between leaves
tracing shadow
in the kitchen window
to cracks in curtains
hiding my inside.
A more glorious day could
not be comprised or
by my own hand.
So I shall breathe deeply,
lingering here as
shadows of evening
fade into earth
and sky deepens its shade
of sapphire;