Pain, on an intellectual level

I am experiencing pain, on an intellectual level

all this heart ache from regress

and distress

fool situations

has given rise to a depression

and negotiated

my hearts demise.

Am I the only one who

has figured it out

who sits in disbelief

at the words

we all shout?

News on one station or

another calls the opposite its enemy

Blames all the hate in the world

on one single presidency

and fails to accept any

ANY responsibility

Color and gender

are thrown out the window

because opposites

are surely the problem…


I mean if your black your…

if your white your…

if your a woman your….

if your gay, straight, tall, or short…your



your life is worth


because God made you

different? and really?

is that the excuse?

the reasoning for all this

abusive behavior?

What are we teaching

the younger


What lessons can they impart

from the way we

deal with each

each other

from person to nation

I can tell you in part…

we have children dying

at the hands of those to keep us safe

running to survive

under intense situations

with red or blue

or some cryptic

new gang marketing team

selling their brand of deliverance

at the cost of their soul

We have churchs hating

the ones they should love

and the love that we share

just isn’t enough

One gets blamed for the end of the world

while bullies take note

and help end the life of a boy

or girl just getting ready to fly

instead we visit funerals

because they were made

to feel life was a lie…

….I really am experiencing pain,

because this could all go away

or at least be easier to handle

if we just stopped

for a minute…


for a minute……



Wake up world are you listening

there is a crisis of mental proportion

enslaving visions of difference

into deviations

of darkness

when in reality all we are

is each other’s favored keeper

meant to lift each other up

and  keep away

the reaper.

we have two hands

so we can lend one

so why don’t we?

Wake up worl are you listening?…

((workign draft… still working))

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