Spray Paint Me

My color is blu but
spray paint me
to a hue
more acceptable and
easy to read.
Let me be green
or purple
or maybe an orange sun-setted sea,
so you will love
the color of me.
Because it seems the color of blu
gets in the way of the
internal color consortium
creating a mess of
crayonic proportion!


I really believe
I am a mixture of grand design
a mix of chartreuse
and peppermint wine,
of melony glass,
a touch of silver and gray,
maybe even a bit of fushia-mixed with
a dash of pink
with an oranger flav
but the outside
reflects only
cianic days

my solution
to my colors
unfortunate blu
spray paint me
to an acceptable hue
then maybe
can spray paint
the world too.


5 thoughts on “Spray Paint Me”

    1. Thank you…. 🙂 I just one day said out loud that I was so tired of being a color… I wish someone would spray paint me. And this is what came out. Glad you stopped by!

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