(in progress)

Notice me
falling in the wrong direction
Notice the color change
of the shadow’s intention
the break neck speed
of masked perception
and understand
beneath this breath
this breast
this lung filled with
all I want
is for you
Notice me



Blessed morning come

In honor of Phillis Wheatley (1753 – 1784)

Blessed morning come thy song
in softer light and chirping throngs
melodies to sooth night to sleep
and stars to forget they weep
Let your symphony of grace
come in storm or lighter space
in spring or autumn, winter’s time
the love of summer, most divine
blessed be the morning’s song
forget the days past an’ yesters wrongs
like sweet forgiveness lay o’er me
grace of freedom and charity
and when the shadow of night returns
let hope divine forever burn
either angel’s or mornings sweet
wake my eyes and soul will greet.