Dream in Blue


I dream in black and white
save when I dream of you
then I dream in brilliant
shades of Canterbury blue.

Inert Prophecy

Neos girl
of tragedy
circled about on
a globe
no more aware of
than the sun of
the spark in a flame.
and who is to gain
from this quest
of dreams own
dark night?
Would it not
Cian shades
be but a dream
in tragic reverse
and none be
the wiser?
but such is the
taunting of

The Joyous Song of Sagonige Gitlu

:: In honor of N. Scott Momaday (1934 – ) and his poem The Delight Song of Tsoai-talee::

I am a cloud on bluest sky
I am the brown of earth rolling hills
I am the bird rising, reeling, in the air
I am the light trailing shadow
I am the fire, lingering after embers
I am hawk, circling a day
I am a hand full of seeds
I am paint upon ancient walls
I am the coolness in the spring
I am the roaring of a flood
I am the glass through which you look
I am the direction that you took
I am the fox standing
I am the crow laughing
I am the blue jay guarding egg
I am the hunger of a young cub
I am the compass of all dreams
You see, I am alive, I live
I stand in good faith with Mother earth
I stand in good faith with the Gods
I stand in good faith beauty
I stand in good faith as daughter to Svnoyiehin
I stand in good faith to the son of Nvdoigaehi
You see, I am alive, I live
I am alive
I live