Full of holes

here I stand

full of holes

so the sun shines through

full of holes so the truth

runs out

full of holes so the

rain of my tears will

fountain down the inside.

still I stand

at the precipice of deceit

the implications of your need

your negative nation

of who you think I am

and who you think I should be

should love,

should look like…

because I am not you

but the Gods



are never me.

Daily Situation

I walked into the store
three things happened to me
a woman asked for a cigarette
a man asked me for change
the clerk gave me a dollar bill.
So I opened a pack I didn’t smoke
I gave up the dollar even though
I was broke
and decided the way of the world is
this simple
we do to others what we do to others
because we are so inclined to do so
the situation of our inclinations has
nothing to do with the ability of
the suits we are wearing but
the sense of responsibility
of knowing it is human
to care.