Daily Situation

I walked into the store
three things happened to me
a woman asked for a cigarette
a man asked me for change
the clerk gave me a dollar bill.
So I opened a pack I didn’t smoke
I gave up the dollar even though
I was broke
and decided the way of the world is
this simple
we do to others what we do to others
because we are so inclined to do so
the situation of our inclinations has
nothing to do with the ability of
the suits we are wearing but
the sense of responsibility
of knowing it is human
to care.

5 thoughts on “Daily Situation”

  1. A beautiful message locked within your poem….it will make a few think and realize that we truly are the same, and what happens to one this time, may also find its way to our door also. Like the Nike sentence “Just Do It” …dont think about it just help…because one day you might have a need! Love it!

    1. Exactly! Don’t think about it just help… because we are all human, no matter where we come from, what we look like… and we never know what situation we will face in the future.

  2. We are conditioned to ask > why aren’t you working, why can’t you find a job, why did you not pay attention in school, why….why…why…

    The correct question should be – Why am I refusing to spare a dollar?

    1. Yes yes yes! We also determine people’s worth by where they are, what they are doing, who they are, their race, religion, or any other defining feature – but really – we are all human! 🙂

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