Lazy Days of Hope

Lazy days of hope

are on parade today

walking by with butterflies

and sipping cherry coke

they linger at the coffee shop

sit and pass the day in shade

these lazy days of hope go by

in morning risen haze.

They slip underneath hearths

and warm themselves by fires

cozy up with drifting dreams

and linger on with desires

they carry with favors

and promises of lighter scenes

smiling when you ask them

exactly what they mean

oh these Lazy Days of Hope

when the road is brilliant

bright and brave

I sit on this porch and ponder

them as they walk by

and wave.

{{just a silly little poem to get my day off to a poetic start. been a bit poetically challenged the last few days!}}

3 thoughts on “Lazy Days of Hope”

  1. If this is you when you’re poetically challenged, then congratulations. Happy doesn’t mean trivial. I love the way the words fall together (is cadence the word?). Anywa,I like this one very much.

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