Word bar

I am thinking

how can I effectively write a poem for non-poem lovers

in such a way as to find themselves in love with words again.

Maybe I could drizzle cheese over words as if they were broccoli and get people to try them…

or maybe tantelize them with fun macaroni shaped words smothered in alfredo sauce…

or even create a word bar where every drink was a new delicious word…

then…  only after the words touched their lips and succumbing to the word’s flavor would they realize…

hey – I just devoured a poem.

{{taken from a comment I posted on dadpoet.wordpress.com/  about poetry and how it is gaining life and momentum in the United States.  Please, go check out his words. }}


Delight in moments inconsequential

billowing across blue watercolor skies

breathe in the vision

close your eyes and draw them on memory

for these are treasures waiting

to reveal themselves when consequential

days gather weight and storm