The Tree

Limb lifted out

over the river; a branch

a home of green stars

dangling dancing daringly

in subtle Sagittarian breezes.

I drift off to dreams

at its feet.


7 thoughts on “The Tree”

  1. You asked a question the other day…you answered it yourself…you show so many different sides of you in the poems on so many different subjects….you are blossoming so quickly! You are planting the seeds that will bless you with rewards and more viewers my friend, i love all the posts!

    1. I just do what I am called to do… and trying to give my best every time. Thank you for your words. I hope my words give something back to the Universe and to those who read them. 🙂

  2. You were asking earlier for suggestions about which poems to include in your book. I think this is a strong contender. It has a lyrical quality that I like, but it’s also focused. I think you’re at your best when your work is concentrated. Haikuy indeed.

    1. thank you for saying so! I must agree with you. As I am going through the pieces for my book – I find I am drawn to those pieces that have strong vision and direction – Tree is definitely one of them. I am glad you commented on that – as I couldn’t put my finger on why I liked one piece really over another… and I think you nailed it. I shall endeavor to be more focused. Thank you. 🙂

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