Each one

Each one a slightly different shade

lays out side by side

neither aware nor hindred in their purpose

to be trampled beneath hoof and shoe

wheel and spoke

nor tread and sole,

but serve out their days in the company

of earth, weed and vermin

a testiment to direction

and leading others to purposes

they can not be privy to.



2 thoughts on “Each one”

  1. I really like this one. It works almost like a riddle. I think I’d be tempted to alter the title (or maybe just move it to the end of the poem) in order to encourage the reader to search for the subject of the poem,(as opposed to being given the subject through the title) while they’re reading. Hopefully this would be a way to engage the reader through their curiosity, but I suppose it might come across as being a bit precious, rather than playful.
    Clearly this is just a stray thought and it might not be workable, or even if it is, it may not suit your intention and purpose, so feel free to reject the idea if you don’t like it.

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