My heart is heavy

My heart is heavy with salutations of regret, but knows not what has left it. It beats with the cunning courage intent on reaching its timely end miles from now yet when the moons gaze relented, and dreams knocked at my door, it quivered. My eyes filled with storms, my hand with broken earth, my breath with shuttered wind  and I knew – something had changed.


trace backwards;

begin at the end

move towards the middle

pick up sticks left

and move on to the



Begin again;

lead out with confidence

knowing the path familiarly leads

to the right and skip with

glad feet beyond it

purposefully pause on a rose

missing meanacing faces in alleyways

and when soft cheeks greet

kiss them without fear

walk past ivy

leagues of seas unconquered

with a tough feminine hand

so when the marches directionanally

head on

speak clearly without any



subterfuge or fear;

leave the rest of what was

as if it never happened.


Wake up.

move forward.