My heart is heavy

My heart is heavy with salutations of regret, but knows not what has left it. It beats with the cunning courage intent on reaching its timely end miles from now yet when the moons gaze relented, and dreams knocked at my door, it quivered. My eyes filled with storms, my hand with broken earth, my breath with shuttered wind  and I knew – something had changed.


2 thoughts on “My heart is heavy”

  1. I admire how you write, your word usage and just the beauty of what you write! I read your poems and many of them i say to myself i wish i could write that way! You always impress me, even though that is not needed, but i glad to be a recipient of your poetry all the time. People do not understand what they are missing, unless they come to know your skill and heart! You never cease to amaze me!

    1. 🙂 Wendell – too kind as always! And don’t you dare knock yourself – your words are powerful pieces the soul.

      People will find our words, when they are ready to find our words. ::speak peace and write on::

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