Upon Waking My Poem Dreamed

The Morning awakens the stars to sleep
as I drift into noon without care
Summer sun beats Father Time
and the Moon Slips over horizons of
dew to meet me in the evening.

4 thoughts on “Upon Waking My Poem Dreamed”

  1. Reminds me a little of Omar Kayyam.(No bad thing in my opinion). But I don’t recall him using oxymoron as in ‘The Morning awakens the stars to sleep’. In his other life he was a mathematician so maybe paradox didn’t appeal to him.
    I think you manage to put a lot of ideas into a small space without seeming cluttered. I’d call that very clever writing. I like it.

    1. fekesh – I can’t thank you enough for you words. I will have to research Omar Kayyam as I do not recall his work – but I like him already if he has a background in mathematics. Secretly I wanted to be a mathematician myself – but advanced calculus was my undoing. So I became a poet! lol 🙂

      PS. I really appreciate your assessments of my work. It truly is a help and inspires me to be a better writer. 🙂

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