To my hero

To [insert your hero] – read it till the words sink in

You are
ears listening upwards
heart embracing unwants
hands creating symphonies
feet running
towards desperate calls
You are
lips kissing sadness
soul encouraging wings
legs standing bitter falls
words lifting up
beyond walls
You are
fall down get up
climb on without rope
search sand for stars
reach down to get go
You are
regular waiting blue
average laughing brown
short tall magic blonde
bean story telling
You are
Cloud kingdoms making
Rock castle mending
tree salvaging leaf
treasures in
golds, reds and yellows
so hands may raise up
and smile in rainbows
you are
his song unsong
her reason unrealized
their bright eyes
dreaming on stars
yet unshining on too bright days
you are
took the time to be
who you are
so someone else
could be
who they are
so when you ask
who are you to
make a difference
I say
you are….

::read again::

Ruby Red

She sits

lingering in the front of the mirror

with every intention of painting

smiles upon her lips

nails slightly chipped linger gently over

silver and gold flaked appliances

of her trade, she waits

for.  the….

right moment

when the song on the radio

evades sound and

transcendent bound – aries

then. she…

wades into life

painting away 5 o’clock

and men-tal

notes of doubt

with a pale concoction,    #7.

Leaning into reflections

the soft color of her skin

radiates bright with each

brush of perfection

with. each… brush


there just right

she sits back and admires.

her – technique is flawless

her – skill untouched by fear

first the base of life

a touch of charcoal here and

here  .

a splash of smokey gray

a sparkle to accentuate play- fullness

delight – a butterfly in flight

and as the melody

rhapsodies to climax

she finalizes her transformation

with the stroke of midnight and


leaving behind any trace of

the who

is worn every day

from dread a.m. to just an hour ago;

and lives;

ruby red.