Eglantine Embrace

Fashion for me a kiss

Wood-Sorrel shower

Acacia calling

Bachelor button Balm

Slip over Dragon Root

Edelweiss and

Water Lilly Mum

Into Viscaria

Vervain of Violet


and place upon my brow,

Periwinkle Phlox Nasturtium

Nosegay Nightshade Osmunda.


2 thoughts on “Eglantine Embrace”

  1. I like the alliteration. Sometimes I think if you get the sound and ‘texture’ of a poem right, the meaning will take care of itself. (I’m sort of paraphrasing Edgar Allen Poe, I think). Which is not to say that this poem is meaningless, it’s just that it seems to be more about imagery and music than a ‘message’.

    1. Fekesh – That is exactly what happened! I am not sure I started out that way – but I am learning to let go more and find beauty in the way things are said, how they flow, rather than struggling so much with meaning. I had a sense of what I wanted to convey. The words do each hold the meaning I intended – but not structured. It just flows. 🙂

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