The Message

Just behind the heartache
and slightly left of some regret
past the boxes of soon to forget
and haven’t got to yets
further deep and just beyond
the joyous pangs and
fiendish wants
ontop of dreams still yet to come
and laying on a chair
is a jacket with a pocket
go look there…
folded up
warn edges frayed
a note
left for just a day
like today.

“Dear self
The room in your heart may get cluttered. The bookshelf will surely get full. Some boxes will move to make memories room and some junk will get stuck on the edges. Sure wishes will flutter like moths on the wall, and dust will cover some dreams with the ages of fall. BUT this chair remains, free of all mess, place for you to come ponder and rest. May it ease your mind, with all the treasures you find, and remind you to forget all the rest. – love your heart”