Love is a lingered whisper upon the soul which cannot be erased. Be it in a simple word or dot upon the page. Love, though it be of friend or lover, is the greatest armor for which to bear the sharp edges of the world. To boldly love is a gift unteachable. It is a calling of the heart and the strength of gentle hands. ♥

{{Inspired by a dear friend who in the simplest but most powerful ways makes the world a better place}}


Battle Ballad

The moon is rising above the fray

the smoldering embers of a long fought day

while we wearily lay the armor of our fight upon the earth

Do not despair, my love,

the night will hold no fear

its dreams are ours for She

calls us to rest and be


we will go out upon the morrow

we will march out with shields and colors

but the night will hold no fear

the Lady calls us to rest

until Lon-dubh draws dawn near.

So until then, let the water of your tears

wash away my weary

wash away hearts heavy here

let the balm of your kiss

sooth away my wounds

sooth away hearts heavy here

until Lon-dubh draws dawn near

oh may She wait long

may She let night pause in your embrace

and give way a year

until Lon-dubh draws the dawn near.

but we will go boldly out upon the morrow

we will march out with shield and colors

and the night will leave us with no fear

as the Lady calls us to wake

when the Lon-dubh draws near.


{{working on this draft   &  Lon-dubh means blackbird}}