What is it to be brave?

What quality does it demand?

Fierce strength or well witted mind?

Fast moving hands or a well steeled heart?

Fluidity of spirit or a well souls steeped in fortitude and longing

Ferocious faith and doubtless minds

Unshaken heels, steady hands, and observant eyes?

What quality? I ask.

Where do I start?

How do I show them even

I am afraid but doing it anyway?

Is this being brave?

Maybe it is.


this alone

this tickity tackity on the keyboard

free writing boldly not knowing going

across a white screen

and texting on the phone to faces unseen

maybe loving a friend in need

or stepping up to take the heat

when the wounded fall

so quick at feet

or maybe it is a comment, a post

a tweet

something fiercely defending or

maybe just sweet despite knowing

just how it will be received.

Maybe bravery has no features

Maybe it is as visage-less as the ocean in a storm

light as a bee’s wings flight in morn

Maybe it is as heavy as the clouds upon the sky

or bold as the sigh from my lover at night

maybe bravery is simply this:

acknowledging a need to protect or march on

and despite all the crap

and the haters, the monsters that yell scream and

tear at


that we step up

step out

step over and push on



and carry on

our shoulders

the ones who need us too

the ones who need us too

need me

need him

need her


need you


Maybe this is bravery.


2 thoughts on “Bravery”

  1. Sometimes it just takes courage to be yourself, especially when you share yourself, your words…nothing is hidden anymore…but that is when you become your real self…this your best poem i have read…and as i read it i thought i was reading it at a cafe, and when i finished and told them the writer was a friend of mine…they applauded loudly and wanted to know your name. You are dear to me but know that all things come with time…. my messages may not have been greeted a while back, i can remember thinking about publishing, and becoming disenchanted at the time. As they told me all your write about is love, wherever i went. I should not have gvien up so easily, but i had to provide for my family so l chased the dollar and for 25+ years never tried again….until 2009 when His spirit moved me one night during quiet time with him. And now maybe more listen to the words, for they were always about the love He shared, “The One Who First Loved Me”, He gave you a gift…remember you don’t look at the likes, do not look for the comments but know that some place, sometime soon you will realized that many read us all but, most will not acknowledge, because sometimes it touches places where they do not want to be touched, but that does not mean that you have not planted a seed in someone that begins to change their life or the way they think!. I love your poetry and you have much more skill at writing than i will ever have….your words are awesome….Keep your faith, embrace courage, and step out…i will be stepping out very soon with my first couple of books…and many talented sisters and brothers i have met in the blog world , i will do my best to help them get recognized becasue of the love they always shared with me. God gave you a gift, do not sit on it, use it, you have a wonderful inspiring voice in your words. Much love to you always…for you are truly blessed!

    1. Dear poet friend, you bless me with your words and in your words I find truth. We, poets, do have a God given gift and we cannot sit on it, we must use it. I can’t thank you enough. I am so honored you find my words as you do, and I am even more blessed that you have such faith in me. Your story, by the way, feels so similar to me – though the time passing is not the same, the emotion is. With the Spirit moves you, it MOVES you! Only a fool will drag their feet. I promise you, I will not sit on this gift. I will keep writing and I will keep reaching, and together you and I will spread the messages of our souls.

      May God richly bless you and keep you… and I thank him for you. ❤

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