Last Night in Dublin

((From 2000))

The brilliance of the night
Echos out over the street
smoke filled conversations
linger in my eyes
passing shadows mix in the mind
of a day filled with moments of joy

Faces filled with laughter
and a seriousness of fate
dance across the room
Partners of a sip of wine
and the taste of consequence

The Universe sat down with the Poet

The Universe sat down with the Poet.

Both stared for a long time at the other.

Not a word passed between them.

Not a motion.

Not a sigh.

Not a wit.

Time paused in pondering

Twilight and Dusk settled down

Earth shifted nervously

Moon dipped the horizon under

and still the two stared.

This went on for days and many nights

the milky and the way

began to shiver…


as if by design

when even the hands of creation

spun idle

the two nodded deep and embraced.

When the Poet returned to her cottage

upon the green and embering way

a neighbor inquired of

the visit.

The poet smiled and said only this:


winked and retired.