Life is – a haiku

Life is contentious

the struggle for truth always

stalking like lions


8 thoughts on “Life is – a haiku”

    1. Thank you : ) I am not so sure Lea it is that they don’t want it as that they fear it. We humans get in our comfort zones and nearly all the angels in heaven cannot move us if we like where we are. Problem is – staying put – means we are stagnant… and stagnant water gains nothing. : ]

  1. Truth is contentious
    Like a cat in the long grass
    Both hunter and prey

    (Sometimes we find the truth, sometimes it finds us. The truth will set you free, but truth often hurts too. If I’d written a better haiku maybe I wouldn’t feel the need to add a footnote. In any case I hope you consider my attempt at emulation a sincere form of flattery.

    1. Fekesh – your words are always welcome and I love your words and never ever ever feel like you need to worry about your comments. Post any poem you like, if a poem strikes you to write it. I am over joyed you have done so here. The picture you draw with your words is beautiful and so very true.

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