I have checked the clock

I have checked the clock more times
than blinking
in an effort to meet the hour
of dawn’s arrival.
First, the witching hour came
leaving magic at my door
a bird flew past
then two more
a cricket cricked
leaves gathered dew
a spider spun a frame
for the rising view
and in quiet
unattended by all but
nature’s whims
did the sun glimmer at
the edge and let
day begin.

My rise to the fall

My rise to the fall,
the whisper of willowed words waving
in a wind yet blowing,
the calm clarity of surface
dreaming reflections
realities not understood in currents unseen,
lingering on scents mystifying
mice men with miniature mandolins,
playing sweet songs of melodies, I
can’t remember because my former
self forgot to leave a memo to the message
I was suppose to entertain, restrain, and refrain,
across horizons of blue ink and white salted skin;
an impossible poem unwritten.

One Sentence Poems – A new category

You can now see my one sentence poems in a category all by themselves. One sentence poems began in an effort to express a single idea as briefly as possible. In reality, on may argue, they are not poems at all. Yet to me, they are a potentially as powerful if not more so than a lengthy poem devised with great struggle. For if it touches the heart and causes the soul to stir is it not in some way – poetic.