Do you see?

She meanders
as steadily as she can
with four extra
legs holding her up
do you see her?

He shuffles
in perpetual bent
as if Atlas was his
brother in another life
do you see him?

She smiles
on the way to the station
in a beat up car
others zip by her, angrily
do you see her?

He holds on
to books carefully packaged
in used paper and plastic
warding off slung battle cries
do you see him?

Do you see them?
In the walking wandering perpetual
motion of forward
do you see them?
In your must hurry
must be there a few seconds faster
hurried up and miss the flowers
canter of nose in electronics
making zimbling zinging dinging
recollections of futures
you aren’t in yet?

If not
you should.


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