Time flies it does not creep

Time flies
it does not creep
or crawl
or divide
and make linger the longer
between wants of
watchmakers and
the anguish of lords.
Its long legs traverse
long roads towards ends
it will never see
pass monuments too soon
to fall in its shadow already gone
and still it will move on.
Oh, this time
fleetingly flies
fiercely against
the odds and
ends of my world
and will not stop
even as my breath
seeks solace in stillness.


There will be times when we yell at the universe with questions it seems to not answer. Our fist shakes, voice trembles, eyes cloud with anger, fear, doubt, or anguish. These times are hard. These times do not easily pass with any amount of gratitude. For in our deepest, darkest places -joy whispers and understanding wavers like a feather on the breeze.


I am here to tell you, joy does exist and the universe gives answers. Just not in the way we always expect. Perhaps it is a butterfly dancing, a child’s smile, tree’s sway, cricket chirping, a woman singing, man laughing… perhaps, gratitude in its smallest and most powerful form is simply acknowledging the language of the world to comfort us in hours of greatest need.


Now is Grateful

Light filters morning
through windows and key holes
dogs breathe heavy,
another morning nap
cat searches,
a feathered foe dancing
behind curtains and shade
and I
stop typing
a breadth width of time
gratitude settling into
coffee mug
awakening my soul
to now,
to home.

Dark Spaces

Though the dark spaces
time and places the
creepy crawling little doubts
four and six legged bits of scared
and the misted creaking limbed shadows
of unsure, I
paused and stood still.
It was only then
I realized
without these little bits of dim and dark
I could not be thankful for your