The Space

My words tremble at the lack of sound
Now left in your absence
The wind whispers in the space you once stood
sky drips down over wood
rivers weep
valleys echo last their retreats
as Universe returns you to the stars
from the constellation in my heart.


4 thoughts on “The Space”

    1. Thank you lea. These were written for a poet I did not know but wish I had for all the words written about her…
      I am now devouring her words so I might breath them from my own soul.

  1. A very awesome poem, my friend…did you get my nomination of you for the “You make my day award” its on one of two posts that have appeared on my site on the 22nd and or 24th. I nominated you because you do always make my day! Congrats and again a great poem!

    1. You are so supportive of my work I can’t even begin to tell you how blessed I am. Thank you my dear friend… ::speak peace and love on:: 🙂

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