Who can measure a life – Sonnet III

Who can measure the length or brevity of a life?
The age of souls does not speak to the tenor of time:
Seasons spring and fall never upon the same light
nor winter fell’d by the eloquence of ever and the pine;

Some a beat upon the wind casts love the first its cry
others linger upon great sands the truth never to hear
From every moment moments linger with a sigh
but oft moments linger not when truth be told we fear;

But measurement doth proceed upon the envy of our hearts
the linger of a first and the regret of should have been
lengthen or shorten the life we lead in part
and words spoken or unspoken suffer might of been

The length of men’s souls thus are kept secret in our breast;
the longer treasures of our memory and the courted sorrow of what’s left.


{{Sonnets are so lovely, and speak to me so profoundly. Despite this I do not write them justly – though my pen and heart wish for it so.  Forgive my meager attempt.  I will gain skill with each effort}}

4 thoughts on “Who can measure a life – Sonnet III”

    1. Oh Thank you Zellie. I have to say, Sonnet’s are my favorite, but they are also the ones I have the hardest time with. I am so very glad you like it. 🙂

  1. A most wonderful poem and message! You seem to get better every single day that passes! I did a post on Dec 8th, and your name was listed on it! I nominated you for the 2012 Blogger of the Year Award, I love your words, your blog and everything that you bring each day. I do not know if you still read mine or not. But you are still very important and special to me my sister! So congratulations and do not ever give up, your words mean a lot to many even though they may not say so…you are a gift…always remember that! Much love to you, and God bless!

    1. WordPress has deleted three attempts to post a comment here. So let me say this… I am so very honored you call me sister, friend, and fellow poet. I am encouraged and find comfort always in your words. You are a shepard of words, brother. I pray for blessing and inspiration to always be a light in your world. Much love. ::hugs::

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