I have no words

I have no words
for I am the wind
Sliding in between memory
and touch
playing trees like harps
and unhinging windows
for the need of seeking truth,
at times I whisper the world
and others I gale upon the
nations fiercely
carrying sounds of chanted drum
and shouted horn
sweet embraces
and public scorns
I am the wind for which
no line holds my shape
no eye beholds
but all understand
when I speak.


4 thoughts on “I have no words”

  1. Very enchanting words…usually I might not leave some words and only click the like button, but you know how i feel about your poetry my sister and how i think all should take the time to read what the whole of you speaks. Your poetry has always influenced me since i first read your poems…because of that I have nominated you for the Most Influential Blog Award 2012. You are deserving because you are so good, i can only hope that I might be able to write as good as you do. I congratualte you my sister and my friend, God bless you and much love to you always! You know sometimes I do not know if you read my posts often, but thanks always for what you bring to my spirit with your words!

    1. 🙂 I am so very very glad you stop by and leave words. You are right – it does mean so very much to me. Though I am bad about not always leaving words myself – the universe has a nice way of reminding me that it is important. ::hugs::

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