Poet’s wish

In my lifetime
I hope to see
the embracing of
sweet enemy
from the mighty foe
to the lowest fiend
it is my hope
for humanity
Though for all my talk
and wishful thinking
the matter in my head
will not matter
if it matters not instead
upon the lips of the living
but in the belly of the dead.
So first in stillness I reside
cast of demons and foolish pride
to see my self in passing verses
see a soul in foolish curses
see the Gods in
tears undried
that I may have caused
with negligent choices
selfish rants and
stifled voices
be this my atonement now
that this one wish
will come to pass
that earth and air
and fire and water
breath a lighter day upon
us all
for war to falter
and peace to prosper
let freedom be our banner
and love be our guide
let disagreements quell with
simpler solution
and anger soften
with forgiving eye
so yes
In my lifetime it is my wish
that poets type and ink be dried
upon the documents
of hope
and the merriment of


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