Pieces for sale

Pieces on the floor
memories I tried
to throw


some of them are glued
some of them are tapped
suffering on the table of my life
too precious to get rid of
too broken

here I sit
in this chair
night comes and dawn surfaces
night comes again and still
I am here
unable to move

unable to move

Oh God
Pieces of me lay on the floor
and I’m not sure what to do anymore
pieces of me




I want to post a sign
for free
take these little
mismatched and un-
wanted pieces
from me
put them on a shelf
love them
like some one else
give them a home
make them yours
I will gladly give in
I will gladly throw in
one more

pieces of me
pieces of me
my god
lying on the floor
on the floor



3 thoughts on “Pieces for sale”

      1. Absolutely. But for one who as been there, I felt like was back in that bottomless pit, as it were… You captured it well. 🙂

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