The year is ending

The year is ending.
Slowly days replay and readjust their meaning
into shadows of better and worse self.
I try to reject the possibilities
of my own wrong doing,
and yet, know
I shall repeat them if I do.
What to do?
Who shall I be?
Have I truly forgiven?
Have I been forgiven?
Is compassion real?
Does anyone hear… me?
Can I change?
Will I ?
And you…  You in the mirror.  You who the prayer is for.
You who I have struggled to give name to.
You who keeps me up at night.
You who has laughed at my weakness.
You who has grieved with the only tears I ee.
You who has tried to forget…
tried to forget.
Oh how I have tried to forget.
And in my forgetting, I cast shadows.
And now I sit with the rain tapping on the window of a broken life.
Bright pieces still cherished by those who know and believe.
Cellophane tape sticking out of corners and begging
in one way or another for forgiveness of sins
realized, intended and not intended. 
Suffering with clarity, the life I have made.
What is this life I have made?

One thought on “The year is ending”

  1. I feel the deepness of your heart and soul, you have always been one whom I always have loved as my sister and friend. Life changes moved me away and I always kept you in my prayers. You are an amazing writer poet…God has never forgotten you and neither have I! May your new day be blessed with inspiring blessings that will bring smiles alive within your heart, soul and spirit! You are loved by many, by me and more God.

    ‘A New Years Blessing’

    May the hand of our Lord always guide you
    May His tender love daily anoint your heart
    May the peace of His heaven fill your world
    As this New Year’s breath begins to start

    May His grace in your mind be steadfast
    May the light of His Spirit fill your face
    May you never again feel any loneliness
    As you live daily in His loving embrace

    May your spirit be blessed very abundantly
    Writing and sharing what He bequeath’s to you
    May you strive to inspire and touch another
    In the wonderful way He also does for you

    Be charitable and kind in your daily walk
    Never finding hatred or prejudice within
    Living your life each day in a humble way
    As this new year in your life now begins

    May each step you take this year resemble
    The sharing life our Lord always displayed
    And you will find His spirit blessing you
    As His grace guides your life each new day.

    II Corinthians 5:17
    Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new
    creation, old things have passed away, behold
    all things have become new.
    I send this prayer to you to make your heart smile and
    know that we are always with you!!!

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