Beautiful Words

Over lips into the aether

clamoring, clawing, climaxing

birthed intention

breath or suffocation

help or hardship

painfully joyful or painful

universe born

Out of matter onto matter

scribbled, scratched, scrawled

enslaved belief

punctuated or free

towering or insignificant

soothingly chaotic or soothing

souls dying light

So it was

So it is

Power not accepted

so casually wielded

these beautiful words

these beautiful words





World without end

World without end

exists only in soul space

visited and revisited memory

until memory you become

and you live on

in a world without end.

So for me, I shall dive deep and breathe in

the chill and warmth of you

seek the dark shadow of life

the light of blinding pain

a smile stolen in reflection

tears caught in silent refrain

the chaos of laughter and despair

here, my love

my soul

my world

is without end

we are without end.