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Work created between 2006 – 2009 at

St. Willards Street

Ancient sounds swirl through paper thin walls on St. Willards where hope left me a crumb and life struggles to have meaning.
A chill drizzles down my spine covered with cotton and flannel while distant drums call to my thoughts leading the lead marked pages dressed only in simple horizons.


Our world is always buzzzing
Streets are always filled
Walkways are always trampled
Electronics always blaring
Phones are always talking
and copiers always hum
Sleep is always dreaming
and the waker always thinking
Constant movement and being
always possessing the latest now
and it makes me wonder

about nothing

there is no space for nothing
the quiet sense of absolute
surrendering to silence
and the obliteration of being.

nothing || is not there.

Memor Amicus

you: passing
chariot racing
my hand: tremor
with the thought
of waves
my heart: bites
still bitter
with rage
my mind: sighs
sadness oozes out
as those around
in anger speak
of your betrayal.
me: caught
halfway between
forgive and get away
missing the half
of you residing in memory
and forgetting
even the shadow you
leave as you
walk away

Out of the Blue

oil dripping

off a sapphire canvas

speckled with salt

and peppered dreams

waking sleepers

and momentary

joy of existing


the winds of change

and topple doubt

in a climate of

political madness

and lobbist


when out of the blue

he whispered


as if it where possible

as if it where true….

and I find myself believing.