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describing self

I am like orange not quite made up on red
like blue with the hints of jealous green
waiting for a cloud to cover my sky
a brilliant piece of paper
for which to write a thought

I am like wind, not quite a hurricane
though at times one might argue otherwise
like rain left mesmerized upon a pane of glass
left to ask the question of what is next
as it trails after gravity

I am like a window not yet rid of rose
like hazelnut coffee filled with raving bits of chocolate
longing for cream to drip over and slip
and meander into a world
of smiles and sighs

I am clear
not yet transparent
glowing in the sun and
and reflecting moon
a revelation
of two thoughts
become one
as it reaches for the stars

I am blue not quite cian
a partly cloudy diamond sky
for bits of jealous suns to break through
and cast brilliant color
upon my skin.

see me, see you

Blind as the majority may be
I see you as you see me
beyond the headlines of obscurity
left to dwindle down the page
hiding in the chaos of everyday
where you see me and I see you.

Life plucked out
from momentary suspicion
innocently motivated
but nonetheless built
in submission
stand I
against you, against me
to see what others
blindly leave behind
in newspapers rotting
along the side of the road.

Conspiracy manipulates truth
deviates enigma of revelation
hiding in the lines of a minor character’s tale…
this is where I will prevail.
So read this and play for me
the tune I know you hear
for it is you who should hold fear.

Voices will not be quiet
along the hallways dim with
in this people’s sea
because I see you
as you see me.

And we are not afraid.

what i believe

I believe
in life, love, and
the pursuit
of every person
towards the destination
of their dreams;
in equality
for every person
without interpretation
and falsification
by any other;
in our differences,
they make us more
the same than many
want us to embrace;
in the divine,
the presence within
and without
echoing in the beautiful
voice of every song,
beyond understanding,
creed, sex, age, religion,
or politics.
I believe in happiness…

life, love, and
the pursuit
of every person
towards the destination
of their dreams.

bare minimum

over mediocrity
survival of
a normal
captivating simplicity
with religious legal-
sipped on summer days
and mid-way
through the country
striped in blue
bordered in red
wishing democracy was dead
I just wonder
how it all got this way
this middle of the road
don’t rock the boat
or make waves
in an ocean of people
each different
each divine
still they drink their wine
getting drunk on
the ideas of mr. in-between
gray squares
of same
and hallelujah.

So how did we get here?
Stripped naked