We waste it

We waste it
trade it
don’t even taste it
sitting behind
F’villes and wars
staggered messages
we little time whores
thinking life eternal
the world a buy and sell
we’ll make more
living hell
because we

waste it
watch it bleed in
high definition
can’t relate to scenes
we’ve seen before
in black, white, and blue ray
colored boredoms
falling around us
in useless squander
across a ticker tape
oft mistaken
for a line of code
by the general public
and why?

Because they too
waste it
give it away and fake it
hope greed won’t
show through the make up
smiling devils always
trade up
with you and me on the bottom
giving our hand outs
like saints
while hell freezes over
and mortgages
are forgiven
oh wait
my mistake

we waste it
play with it
and find comfort
in nothing but what
is around us
we have half of us
the other half
a life for the half they
don’t give a shit about
we have people facing off
while rich men jack off
with the money
they stole from the
farm they destroyed
and the shrimp man
they poisoned
And why?


we waste it
freedom, time, charity and worth
we forget about our neighbors
and we forget about the earth
we type on this
we win fake gold
to have a chance at fake fame
to screw a fake girl
on Wednesday!

And in the end I ask
is it worth it?
does your God or mine
fancy this destruction
of the thing he put in place?
or are we so filled with a sense
of don’t belong and longing
for an afterlife
we forget this is a life

yes… because

We waste it.
on things like true this
and true that
and manipulation of politics
destruction of your called misfits
creation of order in our images
decimation of life because it won’t fit
solidificationof wealth
because we can

and all the while
you and I
sit back and wonder why
all this shit is happening
with our ab makers and our zero beer
we forget to look in the mirror


Smash it

Smash it
crash it
stomp into a million
pieces of
life remaining
and don’t look back
don’t pause
or let the notion
of perhaps not
enter your mind
take your foot
and let loose
on the doubt
you have been
Smash it
trash it
let the little box
let the windows crack
and dismantle the bough
live no more in
the case of gray
Let loose
spin out
without doubt
or suppression
a need for obsession

Smash it
blast it
abandon restraint
let the cause of
your affliction
the addiction
the menacing
movement of not
be stopped




I wanted to tell you all I am very sorry for not posting again for awhile as well as for not responding to comments.  My father recently fought a hard battle with a brief illness, but lost.  He passed away on March 29th, 2010.

I would only ask you keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

Many thanks and much gratitude,


words in my head (in progress)

Words in my head,
and dead,
until the whip of
my tongue
lashes out.
in revelation
of truth filled
to define
rhyme in

Words in my head
casting shadows
and still
until the drum
drums the drummer
and the dance
dance the dancer
in ritual
to define my
own modification
of me.

Words in my head
dying to live
while the lock
manifests on a whim.

like tigers
in cages
emotion traces
and paces
and faces
patient this confinement
will end.
seething defiant
ly in my soul
to be out of control
let loose on the day
chasing meaning
like prey
taking down
the incomprehensible
conclusions of me.

Words in my head
words in my head
til I let them out.

let them out.

What is there to say of a life

What is there to say of a life; though in cruel attention
and blind ambition, some give darkness to its name
Leaving all words to falter and fall like autumns sting
and winters bitter whip of chill?

What is there to say of a life; though brilliant it may shine
and succor visions of lovers, some give light to its nature
leaving lines to lift like springs ageless struggle
and summers undaunted care?

What to say when pen to paper a life is fit to be written; both of triumph and fault
it is a poets strain and struggle, to give justice to it all
for who is the writer but a visionary, uncleanzed of opinion
unbiased as the moon to the stars.

Yet in consideration, pondered thoughts and adoration one discovers
the writer is the poem
and words breathe life by the life you have lived:
struggles and triumphs a treasure you began with first a thought;

So, what is there to say of a life?
there is much and yet so little, to sum up sun, moon and stars
but brilliant our world is, with you, and brilliant not, without.

Unexpected Surprises – Letter to a Lurker!

Just a warm thank you to one of my fav blogging ‘lurkers’ as she calls herself for bestowing upon me the Best Blogger Award.  Though like her, I am not sure I am the best at much, but I do like to keep everyone up todate on the news I think is important or needs action on, and when I feel the poetic muse I spit it! 🙂

But I just want to say to Shelli – thank you.  Thank you for taking the time to read what I write, to comment when you feel compelled and for noticing something in my writing that inspires you to keep coming back!

Blog on! 🙂


Don’t Speak

Don’t speak
don’t type
don’t write
poetic drivel
or rhyme.
Don’t quietly
sit there and whine
about the losses
and the fine
examples of failure
held over
our heads
like we were
already dead!

Don’t whimper
don’t simmer
don’t wait
in patient
gratification of
state to state
motivated by
the need to
seek peacefully
the things
we should already


Take it
demand it
stop trying
to request it.

Because it’s not
a failure
to communicate
we’re not at a table
to negotiate.

Freedom is not a maze
to navigate
or a truce to appropriate.
Freedom is
and undeniably
branded on souls!
And from the first bullet fired
to the lantern lifted
setting the world on fire
to the shots on campus
ringing throughout memphis
to radicals walking
in masses
and women at the gate
facing threats
staring down hate
change was never
motivated, moved
or manipulated
by the bendable.
but by the immovable
foot planted
and well cemented
resolve of voices
raised up
and undeniably heard

so what are we waiting for?

Spinning it

Spinning it
to all the
and the
‘let’s negotiate’
state to state
try to elucidate
This is our life
you try to
and overstate
in propagandic
pamphlets of lies
while children watch
how to live
their lives
on Gossip girl and
Desperate housewives.

We interrupt this program
With violence at 5.

It’s all hypocrisy
dressed in black
and swinging bats
of reli-gi-osity
defending a notion
of superiority
over mediocrity
and casting lots
for tv spots
in places not
your own,
throwing stones
while smoking a bowl
and shake 2000
years of bones

I just want to scream

Let me be me!

we spend
our cents
just as you,
put lives on the line
donate our time
give to our nation
in secret and pride,
yet there you go
to cast your vote
without compassion
or a fraction
of civility.
you force others to
live your reality
negating life, love, memory
and space
with a push of a button
and a finger in our face.
you spit in our direction
with your obsession,
an over zealous need
for oppression
and I have to ask
who is next?

Will it be a repeat
from the same sheet
a century ago?
Black, white or indigo?
Will it be newcomers
with hope filled eyes
questing for a piece of
American pie?
will it be the Muslim
on bended knee
thanking Allah for being free?
the Buddhist
Pagan, African or Chinese?
The short, the tall
The grey, the weak?
You tell me
while we
to spin it

… with intent.

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