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Half Whore

HALF WHORE *language warning*

((I would like to thank Nafeesa Monroe and her work Half Devil. I have been trying to get something off my chest… and her work helped get this started. So a HUGE thank you to her))

Someone called me a whore today
well, half whore anyway
and I held back my instinctual response
that would go something like
F.u.c.k. U. A.s.s.H.o.l.e
But I stopped and asked myself
How far we had come as a race
The human race
And how far could we go
If I let loose
on the unadulterated lie meant to ignite
hatred and fire
had we really gotten to a point where
forgotten were the struggles
of our histories?
Had we
Slipped so far backwards
In our forward momentum
That we have become blinded
from the realization
We are all One nation
And each born a divine inspiration?
That we all are allowed to air our frustrations
With freedom and not fear?
Because someone called me a whore today
Well, half whore anyway
And I have had to ask myself
Is this the contribution to life
I wanted to save-or
Did it matter that in the words held
The lashing of pain
the whip of confusion and
The sentiment of lost pride
So much so that
In calling my mother a whore
And my father a broken piece of S.H.I.T.
They called God himself a mistake?
Was that what I wanted to perpetuate?
This anger just crying out for love
In its absence?
So what did it matter to me
What one man thought the past he could see?
And I realized he was just a refection of all
Of you – me – and humanity
Struggling to find place
And meaning in a world so filled with gray
The lines of unique were becoming the enemy.
And you see someone called me
A whore today
Well half whore anyway
And I had to make a choice
To give anger or redemption a voice
Because at one time
My own mother felt the same way
She could have chosen the knife
But instead gave me away
And for that Divine act I am forever changed
Instead of anguish
I was
Given breath
The arms that gave me life
Gave me life again
And my father who would never know I exist
Was the other half of divinity
So graciously given
To a new family.

So when someone called me a Whore today
Lashed out with every flavor of anger
In an effort to control my reaction
I found strange fruit my addiction
And made the decision
I would be grateful
Because God
Made this mistake
Out of a mistake
To be the cure
For those who could not create
And in that
I may be half whore to some
But to me
And the mother who raised me
I am a reflection of Divinity
Exactly who
I should be.

::leaves it on the stage::