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Beset I 

Autumn winds bare forth

back handingly chaotic 

against my landscape

insistent I take notice

of limb bending

leaf losing grip

crow mourning. 

Beset with vision 

I resist my changing

whilst mouth utters

Strange truths; prayers

longing for satisfaction and

suffering of winter. 

There is a willow in the wood

There is a willow in the wood

she weeps for want of wonder

lusting at the stars.

She digs roots deep

depths of longing

and deciduous dreams,

but as she reaches skyward bound

earth calls her branches down

wind moves her tresses fro

a lovers dance

then quickly goes

e’en bird and bee are free

to languish here and there

in blossoming of spring.

So the willow in the wood

wants but no one seeks or should

weep with her

when stars trapse below or

autumn beckons

winter’s snow.