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Valley of Death

[Written to:  Song of Sheherazade ]

Wind whips whispering want

each step a sip of winters wailing

and springs unfortunate delay.

Sky dangerously dark above

earth languidly unaware of soles

pressed defiantly deep upon it

carry one, who,

wrapped in weary wandering,

a wisp waging war against

gods who no longer speak

and siren songs no longer singing,

walks towards the edge of possibility

seeking a thing desired yet un-obtained.

Lo, thirst for rain does not grant it

nor retching render a ransom of hunger’s despair.

Dust for tears strangle sound

to subjugate doubt with oppression and fear!

All here gnash and gape and claw

at the heart of the feet who

carry it.

What is this madness?

Who, in a seeming sea of uncelebrated hubris,

rages yet again in this, an immortal and hopeless, quest?

A reply slips free

“’tis the quest of the living

the survival of a dream.”

Tattooed Determination

Press the day into your skin
the fires of every experience
burned into the sinew of soul
coursing veins of fearless connection
into the actions of tomorrow

“You have every right to dream”
I hear my inner self cry out
as the heat of the trials of doing
leave their marks
their scars
their veiled threats of failure
I will undo
with each step back to standing
with each step back to forward
with each step toward… me

Yes, press the day into your skin
set the fire in remembrance of what you have accomplished
into the notion of every breath
and breathe in the future to become
what you see yourself being


you have every right to dream
and you have every right to be

so dream and be

Be Unsinkable

[ Written to Absolute by Helen Jane Long ]

Float on waves
light of the moon
Glide on air
beautiful red balloon
Drift over stone
on rivers casting
….. and
Trace steps of memory
to a place of rest
forgive the storms
love the night
give peace to tears
Find joy in flight
feather, free, and focus
on delight
cast off doubt
kiss fear ‘bye
dive in


Sometimes I dance

When the world is loud
the horn and hubbub reach out
to assault every sense
I find a place
to listen to the stillness
to find peace only I know
Here dwell myself with I
on the top floor of a garage
the wooden walkway of the dock
in the grass along the way
my feet move
my hands sway
my voice finds a tune
and should I favor stars
and take a chance…
sometimes… yes
– I dance.

Speak Kindly

The lie we’re taught when we were young:
words hurt less than sticks and stones;
but words slung at the right velocity
will resonate through our history
while bruises and bones mend
words from either enemy or friend
like seeds planted within our soul
tear us down or help us grow

so speak kindly today. grow something beautiful. 🙂

re·ful·gent /riˈfo͝oljənt, -ˈfəl-/

No longer lingering on the possibility of be,

the heart upon a dream first discovered

realizes it was all along and

bathes in refulgent reflections

of knowledge

will and wonder

forsaking in joyous celebration

the shadows of shrug and doubt.

When trepidation latches on

Cast the trepidation of your heart to the ground
dig deep
let earth disperse those unyielding tendrils
traipsing about in your soul, near bedrock and solidarity;
Earth is a familiar companion of carry weight
slow moving fate and withstand all.
Now plant the un-courageous thing
and boldly
step upon the foundations
of ever dream with

Salt in the wound

I grow furious
with the perpetuation
of the negation
of my gender,
through handmedown
stories created to
find defect
in everything

I am

by hands
un-bled by the moon
nor birthed memory from womb
but have painted every ”
good thing done
in the shadowed
of babel’s fruit.

I am

neither weak
nor the cause
of your ill fortune

We, neither male nor female
neither old nor young
rich nor poor
straight nor gay
creed or none,
are the masters of our souls.

Master peace and find peace.  Master self and others will see your truth.

Master hatred and find only hate.