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Captains of our souls

We are the captains of our souls
we exist as we exist
because that is what we choose.
Choose to be who you are
not the mask you think you are expected to wear.
Happiness is not in being
who you think others want you to be
but in being who YOU want to be.

#YouAreBeautiful exactly as you are.

When the melody of the day

When the melody of the day has laid out in gray

contemplation of eager manipulation

and trembling trepidation,

pause, breathe deep.

Close your eyes and feel the world

without care,

slip past unkindness unhindered,

pass by the wails of failure and

the fear of frustration,

into the depths of a place only

poets dare to go… and know.

Today is just a day.

It tripped,

it stumbled,


and fell flat,

but at the end, it is…

just that… past.

Now, is where you are.

And where you are – is beautiful.