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Dreaming Possible

I have dreamed possible
threads shadowed in the realms
of belief
breathed into steps forward
and many a skinned knee of failure
knowing confidently
with every rising
possible has dreamed me
as well


Do not forget – be strong.

Do not forget who you are
– be strong willful as the vine leaning out from the eave of house and gutter
Do not forget from where you came
– be strong proud as the seed lifted up upon winds of spring to drop in territory unknown
yes unknown
Do not forget who you are becoming
– be strong determined as the first and last star of each day poking through a dark blue sky forever tells of its existence and the dreams it holds
Do not forget where you are heading
– be strong bold and adventurous as the bee who follows her ancestors to forages on hills she has never seen but has faith will be there…

so to you will go. so to will you become.
and I will not forget you
– be strong.

Dark Spaces

Though the dark spaces
time and places the
creepy crawling little doubts
four and six legged bits of scared
and the misted creaking limbed shadows
of unsure, I
paused and stood still.
It was only then
I realized
without these little bits of dim and dark
I could not be thankful for your