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Do not forget – be strong.

Do not forget who you are
– be strong willful as the vine leaning out from the eave of house and gutter
Do not forget from where you came
– be strong proud as the seed lifted up upon winds of spring to drop in territory unknown
yes unknown
Do not forget who you are becoming
– be strong determined as the first and last star of each day poking through a dark blue sky forever tells of its existence and the dreams it holds
Do not forget where you are heading
– be strong bold and adventurous as the bee who follows her ancestors to forages on hills she has never seen but has faith will be there…

so to you will go. so to will you become.
and I will not forget you
– be strong.

I shall be bold

I shall be bold like the sun who in defiance of the night, storm and cloud, shines on anyway. I shall be bold like the maple leaf, who is cajoled by the wind and rain to fall but defiantly dances upon the finger tips of trees above an unforgiving ground. I shall even be bold like a whisper, who despite competition of voice lingers softly in my soul on dreams seeded the night before “go… do… you can.” So I shall!


Faith has many dimensions
it casts shadow and reflects light in a thousand languages
the curve of its whisper and the strength of its word
can build hope out of nothing
and linger long after inspiration has gone.
Faith is not one voice
it is not one song
it is a million colors
under a million suns
and has a million stars
to call upon
Faith has many features
eyes with tears and prayers unheard by
mortal ears
it is that which holds us to our dreams
and keeps us strong when
even the road seems to turn
against us and head back
from where we have come.


Freedom comes to the Bold

I want to take a moment to remind people of something important:

Freedom does not come because it is desired. It does not come because it is asked. It does not come because a people think it should. It comes when demand it, stand up for it, and voices lift up behind it. Then, and only then, when all those for it come together and in a resounding voice ring it out – will Freedom come to rest upon the hearts of those enslaved by the forces of discrimination, degredation, demoralization, defamation and destruction. Only then. SO


When trepidation latches on

Cast the trepidation of your heart to the ground
dig deep
let earth disperse those unyielding tendrils
traipsing about in your soul, near bedrock and solidarity;
Earth is a familiar companion of carry weight
slow moving fate and withstand all.
Now plant the un-courageous thing
and boldly
step upon the foundations
of ever dream with



paint a picture of movement.

Yet, I sit still

watching paws tumble

over yarn and clammor after

stray bug bold enough to venture here

Page and cover linger near

begging to sate my appitite

Playing cards remain in boxes

Bills remain unopened

and unpaid – demandingly

set on the top of a pile;

papers unwritten, unread.

un un un

…  We all sit here


contemplating the pigment of time

as it meanders forward unaware of the

last brushstroke

content to just