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Far to go

Journey long
come so far
far to go
satchel heavy hanging
feet trembling bruised
Have come to this far
and still far to go
Above hanging limbs
lit and light
pausing breath
wonder is this
truly all there is
sunlight in trees
little stars of day
breath of life on wind
until none exists
stones in path ways
tossed across oceans
stumbled in dark
faces greeted faces pass
mountains climbed and unsurmountable
valleys far below
here I am
cross in the road
no sign or reading
lend wisdom
no gesture
guides my way
just shadowed crux
battle scars and standing
weary but hopeful
with all I know
for there is still
very very
very far to go…

Kiss me

Kiss me, Life
and give me breath that I might
fill my dreams with your beauty
be wrapped in your passion
the embrace of risk and the
cry of the daring poet.
Kiss me deeply
and cause my heart to swim
in the eternal spring of curiosity
that I might dive deep into the world
and raise up my soul to the
heavens, to be welcomed
among the stars.